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Dear JF Praise Team members,

As you know, starting last Sun AM, we changed how we begin our Sunday service, in order to get a better Holy Ghost launch to our Lord's Day worship service together:

1. Instead of starting at 11 AM, we start at 10:55 AM;

2. Instead of starting on stage with our sound system and amplified instruments, we come down off the platform into the "altar" area with our acoustic instruments. We invite congregants to come forward and join us;

3. Instead of starting with 2 pre-picked songs that we perform for people, we spontaneously flow from chorus to chorus, interspersed with times of spiritual singing and, as the Lord leads, prophetic words and songs. After 10 or 15 minutes of "ministry to the Lord", we have the apostles creed and move on to our prepared song service.

Last Sunday I think we all felt a great sense of God's manifest presence in the service after this innovation. From the very beginning, the Spirit of Prophecy was in the house, speaking and singing through us words and music of exhortation, edification, and comfort. Bottom line, it was a a very New Testament "book of Acts" sort of worship service. WHAT SAY YOU?

For the next few Sundays, I'll take the lead in this segment with my acoustic guitar, but look forward to the time in the near future when Hector, Yolanda, and I flow back and forth spontaneously singing and playing our guitars, the way I picture David's chief musicians...Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthan... flowing back and forth in Zion.

Attached is a list of guitar-friendly simple classic choruses listed by key, with proven "flow-ability". During your private worship-time, use this list to practice flowing from song to song without interruption. Also, experiment with adding instrumental tags at the end of the choruses, or "selahs", which can serve as accompaniment for spontaneous new songs from worship team member or even congregational worshipers. We will start devoting some time during our Sun AM rehearsal to playing selahs . . . with the help of the Holy Spirit!

Zionically yours,

Pastor B
Download Chorus List for Times of Acoustic Praise Here


Dear JF Praise Team members,

This classic Paul Fischer chorus, LET ALL PEOPLE PRAISE HIM, is over 15 years old. Although it has yet to hit the "big time", I think it's one of the best praise choruses ever . . . but it's musically challenging, which is why few bands try to master it.

I don't want to try to perform it this Sunday, but I would like to start rehearsing it this Sunday morning. To that end, I'm including the mp3 plus the lyrics. Will give you a 3-hole punch chord-chart this Sun AM.

Pastor B

Download the MP3 Here (click right mouse button, click "save link as" or "save target as." )

Download the Lyrics Here

Listen to the Music Here...

Let every thing that hath breath
praise the Lord.
Praise ye the Lord!
- Psalm 150
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